About LEDBee Buzzy Bees!

LEDBee was started in 2013 in response to the ever increasing electricity prices and the downturn of the economy.

We have learned the value in maintaining very tight control on the products that we purchase and manufacture overseas. It is this control that allows LEDBee to maintain the highest integrity with its full product line.

It is this very high standard that has led us to fully understand that customer service starts from engineering, then design, then performance, reliability, delivery, communication, packaging, support, and sustainability. These very convictions cause us to push forward daily in development and design. When most companies reach a point of complacency we believe that we can do better, so we will because this is customer service to us. All of LEDBee products are assembled and designed around simple installation and simple maintenance.

Our Mission

LEDBee is committed to providing affordable, high quality and environmentally sensitive lighting solutions for our customers and communities while providing exciting opportunities for our employees and partners and attractive returns for our stakeholders.

Our Vision

We believe that solid state lighting will improve quality of life and are dedicated to see its implementation through a strong research and development effort, cost effective manufacturing and an outstanding local sales and delivery presence.


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Contact Details

Middlesex House
130 College Road
: info@ledbee.co.uk


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